Saturday, 29 December 2007

Crisp and Bright Day

We've woken up to a glorious winter's day, wonderful light and the whole street seems infused with crisp and bright images and shadows. Developed a new plan last night, that is to create a workspace to make art and craft. Spent some time pondering on where best to place this, to place this. Was very tempted to use children's playroom as they mostly use it as a toy dumping ground. On the occasions they are not watching telly, and not dancing to music or not playing in the garden, or not playing sleeping in beds, they do use it though. Course it is also handy dumping ground we can shut door on for random toys.

Anyhow after considerable thought, have decided to use the room with the most light, and sea view as art room, actually not art room that implies we'll actually make art, lets call it hmm, DIY room?, craft room?, study (unlikely will do any of that), I know MY Room. How exciting, to have lovely room of own! Now even more pleased with idea. Basically we have to turf ourselves out of our bedroom to do this, and re-create a bedroom in the loft. There's a slight flaw with this plan, in that although loft room is mostly finished, it has no heating, hence plan might fall at first hint of cold!

So today need to go out and source (love that word) some thick curtain material, and some lovely things. Trouble is, unless go to credit card (which will not do!), only have £20 from Nanny Nora, and another £20 Marks and Spencers voucher to do all this. Will we manage???

Watch this space!

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