Tuesday, 11 December 2007

TV Shows - Christmas Specials time

We watched My Family -Christmas special last night, a re run from maybe last year. Very funny and started to get me in to the spirit, do love my family. Can't really believe that proper actors do sitcoms, and love the grumpiness of the family, definitely reminds me of my own, and sort of my ideal family.

One of my friends said she'd always wondered who watched my family and just can't imagine how its funny!I think its great, although shame Kris Marshall has left and even more of a shame he's doing those quite smug BT adverts on telly. That family sort of makes me sick, just too much, and perfect in a modern way. Yuck!

Been thinking about telly a lot lately, really would like to not ever watch it. Really enjoy Holby City, normally have lovely glass of Chardonnay and catch up with bestest show on telly every Tuesday. Don't actually like anything else, although seem to get sucked in to telly land quite regularly in the evening.

Going to turn new leaf over from today, and only watch decent things, like the news, and well of course Holby. But not the one show, not the soaps, and definitely not the best of anything, or top 100 anything, or anything we sky plus.

The exception here is of course X factor finals which I absolutely have to watch, and am actually a bit excited about (do I need to get a life?). I want Rhydian's album, but I want Same Difference to win I think, as it'll be their big break. I have many opinions in X factor, but don't want to say them in case come across as slightly demented for caring too much. Might cry again to it.

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