Thursday, 27 December 2007

The best Winter Ice Cream ever

We've had a lovely Christmas, very quiet, and full of family times. With heaps of yummy food. My favourite foods so far have been the home made horseradish mustard, thanks J, and homemade Christmas pudding, thanks E and A!

However, am also loving two things I made, if that's not terribly rude. First favourite was winter salad, which was a bag of salad jazzed up with home made garlic croutons (fried wholemeal bread chunky cubes in olive oil and garlic) and crumbled Danish blue. Second favourite was ice cream Christmas pudding, this was very easy to make but absolutely delicious.

Will upload recipe later.

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helen said...

Well, that was Christmas!! on to new year now! Am not heading back to Hastings in the meantime, as getting to Wales from
"the model village" seems much more sensible. Am fretting about work tho as cant really do much from here and am a terrible worrier, hope i can trash it out in the last few days! Am coming back on the 2nd, I think, if you can get a babysitter, you should come round for "light bites" and drinks maybe before school starts again? Will ask Nat and Ben too. As this method is very public, let me know an email for you via my temp mobile and we will chat about that.