Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Lily Allen is having a baby

Firstly, please can I just say Lily, congratulations on your pregnancy, best of luck with it, and enjoy it

However, I can't believe it, Lily's only 22, and likes to party. As seasoned mother of two am worried she doesn't know what she is getting in to, at least nine months, plus breastfeeding time of not partying. Plus for us broke types, hardly ever going out again, even if the baby settles for someone else, you just don't feel the same.

However on the plus side her body is bound to snap straight back in to shape, she'll be more connected with her children, i.e. get their music, love High School Musical, know what they should wear etc.

Plus most thirty something mummies I know find it hard to get time to dye their hair, regardless of salon or home dye. Course again on the plus Lily Allen having baby side is the fact that our mothers all did it in their twenties and we've turned out great.

Also my friend H who is a bit younger, ok eight years younger than me has boundless energy, and even walks up the Evil Mountain she also lives on pushing sometimes two children in buggy's.

However on the down side of having children earlier can be witnessed by poor old Britney Spears, she sadly has not stopped her partying and crazy lifestyle for the children's sake. However it seems that after her break with Justin T, she was already on the road to being troubled, might actually be that being young is no regard. Can't believe am discussing Justin T as a stabilising feature, wonder if Cam finds him one, or have they split up now? Think they might have 'cos he wants children and she doesn't. Oh wonderful idea, he should get back with B and then he can have hers.

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