Thursday, 6 December 2007

More crafts please

Terribly stormy day today, actually has been all week - this is definitely different weather than I know. I have experienced rain before but this type just goes on for years, and gets one very wet, I don't know why its more wet than other rain though? And it comes through closed windows.

Anyway, we'll have to stay in this afternoon because I've run out of dry clothes, nursery run got me soaked each way, and am experiencing a sort of housework melt down at the moment. Doing some things, like tidying up really well, but there is a sort of underlying grubbiness about the house (e.g. definitely don't want to look under the sofa just in case), and for some reason washing system just not working. Ol has had to go without school shirt for two days, just t shirt under jumper, looked v. Miami Vice cool actually because of some kind of aversion I've had to washing white clothes. Mind you, as usual in our family, he made us seem even weirder in his own way. His teacher asked him if he had anything special to wear to the nativity play (he's a narrator, am v. excited about it), and he told her he would be wearing his birthday suit. I know what he meant (his party outfit) but teachers had to nod in a supportive manner to him. Almost as bad as the time his trackie bottoms fell down in gym class, and teacher took me aside and told me he did not have any pants on. Sort of wannabe Britney Spears.

Mind you great excitement in our house night before last, as 2 year old J managed to use the potty for first time, obviously has not happened since, and was just fluke but was like a party atmosphere. Could not quite muster up enough enthusiasm to cheer like rest of family, 'cos hate the carrying potty round bit, and washing. Oh and potties, oh, and anything to do with toilets.

Also had a blocked toilet yesterday, when plumber came up made big point of blaming it on cheap loo paper, but think he thought we were bit snobby as he says was definitely not too blame as his wife raves about shop cheap loo paper came from. That is as maybe, but its 3 ply, with pink flowers on. What was I thinking?

Other slatternly behaviour from me, has caused fruit flies in the house, think it was from the delightful oranges with cloves in, with developed an attractive white bloom, ok mould, and did not get taken down for days afterwards. Flies keep diving in to drinks to die, hopefully this will kill them all off, but in meantime is a danger I might drink one. And I would not like that.

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