Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Flaw in the plan

Damn, just realised problem with being avon lady, its not that I am not glamorous enough, or that might not be good enough, its simply that I have no willpower. Therefore am bound to be tempted in by lots of products and spend more money than I earn, or perhaps that will be all I earn from. Already have a wish/want/probably need list of the following;

Face Masks
Hand cream
Face cream
New creamy canvas bag that looks like it could belong to 70's Sindy
Powder to foundation
Children's shampoo
Necklace - really lovely, with hand painted beads, looks crafted
Hair smoother, or de-frizzer or whatever its called
Hot oil or decent conditioner
Bracelet - v. lovely with lots of jangly bits on

I will resist. I will resist. Oh bollocks, resistance is futile.

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