Thursday, 24 January 2008

Frugal Living update

Just realised have not updated blog on latest on frugal living experience. Well I am mostly planning meals now, in a quite simple way, just by thinking protein and vegetables, the carb bit usually looks after itself. We've had vegetable and noodle soup with omelette's tonight, which is very yummy, and also very healthy. Yesterday we ate three bean chilli, well two bean with some soya protein because the recipe called for some beans I did not have, we ate the chilli with jacket potatoes, and again, was very yummy, children even loved it. Day before was not quite so efficient, or cooking from scratch enough, as we had (bought) veggie sausages, pasta cooked in vegetable stock, and baked beans. Was really lovely though slightly strange supper, but had run out of fresh vegetables. Tomorrow think we will have chickpea and spinach curry, and I know my children are a bit unusual but they love this. I usually make it quite mild, but also have some natural yoghurt on the side for the little ones to mix in.

I've also stopped carrying money around, as definitely get tempted all the time to stop for coffee, buy magazines/chocolate etc, so helps me not to have cash. I don't go in to town very often either, as that also tempts me even if with cheap things...still gets pricey. Always try to make sure we eat before going out too, otherwise whole family gets very tempted with things like veggie sausage rolls, and pasties etc.

Do get very bored of saving money though, and have to have little splurges every now and again, on stationary, or books, or worst case scenario ikea. Pretty much always need things we splurge on though, so probably ok really.

Looking forward to cancelling Sky too, as we've nearly had it for a year. Had to get it in this house, as actually had no TV signal at all apart from Channel Five. Did wonder whether that meant we did not have to pay for TV license but sadly not the case. Also looking forward to lots of afternoons out at the beach, and country park, and lots of picnics when weather improves. It has been sort of drizzling or tipping down with rain nearly all winter, ruling out cosy walks on the beach. Also some massive winds, also ruling out cosy walks, as children get blown over.
Think that's about extent of frugal living, except do intend to learn how to use sewing machine and make basic clothes, like little dresses for daughter and maybe skirts for me...oh, and have been making our own cards, which I've really enjoyed. Some a bit strange, carpet Christmas trees anyone?, so hoping to improve craft skills over time.

Also tried to make own art for wall, this had been total failure so far, tried to copy Van Gogh's Starry Night, but make it more colourful. Trouble is have no perspective so picture is from many different angles, and not in a good way.

Am enjoying the challenge though, and very pleased to be out of London, and the fast pace of life.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tatty, if you are interested, I can show you a few techniques with acrylics (re Starry Night). Wouldn't take long and you can achieve great results. Don't want to teach you to suck eggs though. Let me know via M at work. Please note, I am being brave and using blog comment thingy!

Stalker (haha) K
Blacklands/St Helens Woods.

tattyhousehastings said...

Ooh thanks, sounds interesting. Will take you up on that sometime, have two new projects on the go now, so best finish/actually start those first. One's craft Monday's, and one's knitting lessons.
Thanks you very much for your comment - enjoy the lovely weather today.

Brax said...

Hello. Just wanted to let you know I have become so addicted to reading your blog mainly cos one afternoon at work was bored and found you by accident and I had rain coming in under my back door too so I spose I empathised. We also moved to country from a city in August and our house is a wreck! Anyway had to keep coming back and am now beginning my own blog. Very inspiring. Mine is a bit "minimalist" at the moment tho. Not very good with stuff like this but will learn in next few weeks I would expect. Anyway wish you all the best and thanks for the inspiration. I always had this idea to write. Great way to get started.


tattyhousehastings said...

Hi Brax
Thanks for reading, good to hear its enjoyed as I really enjoy writing it!
Will have to look up your blog too.