Friday, 18 January 2008

It's the gloom and rain again

Looked out of the windows this morning, very rainy again today, also with kind of wind radio should warn us about. For some reason Radio Two, well our Terry Wogan in particular, although delightful in the morning, does not talk about extreme seaside weather. Everytime we do have extreme weather here there seems to be no warning, or in fact no mention of it at all. Leads me to suspect this sort of windy, blow over wheely bin and rainy weather is in fact normal for the South Coast.

Still have got busy day today, and we're getting lift with K, so no need to get soaked and blown over by crazy South Coast weather. K had a brainwave yesterday, of a great activity that will keep our lively little ones amused, and should be fun for us. We're all off trampolining. Apparantly its suitable for 0-5 year old and their parents, although am a little worried that any size trampoline suitable for 0-5's will have me bouncing my bottom in to the floor. Still worth a go, as anything better than another boring morning staying in with My friends Tigger and Pooh. Even Ol getting bored with it, as he's started substituting Poo for words in children's songs. I don't mind too much, but it did raise a few brows at the hippy dippy museum group yesterday. Still he made up for it by loudly singing wind the bobbin by properly, i.e. not substituting my daddy for the bobbin.

Right, in terms of lovely tatty house simply must do some vacuuming later, and have to work out how to make curtains for attic bedroom. Just not on to be thrity something and have bits of material nailed to the walls instead of curtain. Also not really on to not have work table in work room. Have decided to try and get one from the amazing Friday Ads today, they're like local e-bay but 'cos they're all Hastings based, everything is actually get-able, mostly in a car. Oh, and affordable because suspect lots of people who sell things either just want rid of them for the space, or sadly are actually addicted to cider, and just want some pennies to buy more.

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