Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Smugglers aren't real

Went down to the Smugglers Adventure this afternoon, with three pre-schoolers, two mine, and K. Had to pretend that smugglers, pirates and ghosts aren't real, and that the guide, Hairy Jack died a long time ago, and was just trying to make us laugh by talking about ghosts. Goodness knows why ghosts would make us laugh, and not scared but that was the useful Mummy Knows All line I came up with.

Then on to the cafe on West Hill for a refreshing Ribena (trip to dentist pending no doubt with sugar overdose), and excitement of the afternoon was a little doggy for the children. Worryingly for me and K, worse for the lady it happened to, was an older lady got trapped in the toilet. K tried to free her with a knife, but had to ask the man who worked there to free her. On leaving the nice lady said she'd been really worried she might be stuck in there all night! Imagine that! All night in a freezing outdoors toilet, with your cute little doggy waiting patiently for you. Not sure she'd have lasted. Was impressed with K springing in to action, with cutlery though to save her.Inspired me to be more helpful with people in the future, and also to leave house keys with K in case lock self out again (three times so far this year, once saved by Sainsbury's drivers jumping over 6 foot fences, and twice by my own pre-schooler).

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