Monday, 20 April 2009

Anything Goes

You know how I sometimes wonder I'm not as bright as most people I know, both in real and blogging world. Well I suspect most people wouldn't read this...

I'm already half way through and loving it. Tales of theatre school and snogs, with a little bitchiness thrown in. Fantastic. Ok - possibly not the best written book ever, and the use of heaps of footnotes a touch annoying.

I had popped in to the local library to entertain the troops last week, but was getting bored of browsing the gardening section - and knowing I'd never pick up the books when I got home so I spotted this in the autobiographical section. I think it is possibly the first biography I've ever read as I've always been rather snooty about them - do remember one poor woman who came to the first meeting of our 'BAPS' book club in London and said she only read them. She was never invited back. We also got rid of the scary Librarian who got aggressive after a little too much boxed M&S wine. Think it was about the time she told us she started a fight with a taxi driver and was mean to one girl 'cos she dared to buy a jacket from Gap.

Ah, BAPS, it was a fantastic way to meet people and regularly stay in touch in London. Annoyingly when the founder, Lisa moved back home to America after um, five or six years we gradually disbanded. Course most of us had already begun the process of settling down, a few kids (me) and moving farther and farther out of the centre making it difficult to travel to each other houses.

However it was a regular night out for under a tenner each - we just used to split the cost of snacks and wine, and eventually even realised we needed to be heavier on the pizza than the wine sometimes. And I don't ever remember an evening when we didn't have fun, even if sometimes the book featured less than it should. Especially as we were all either booksellers, librarians, or ex-ones. Of course the most memorable argument was when one girl accused the other one of starting the War as an American. First one was Scottish, but still don't really see her point.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love John B!

tattyhousehastings said...

You have to. Not least because he is on every show on telly at the moment.