Monday, 20 April 2009

Back to School

The children, oh and husband are back to school today. I was lying in bed last night thinking; ooh, what will I do with all my time. When I remembered I have loads to do - house stuff, sorting a few bills, garden, Lottery Application, course thingy, posting things, and running up and down the hill!

Pants! Thought I'd have a little back to school holiday but don't think it will be the case - although everything will be done a little quicker, and a little quieter without them. Just wish Ol in particular was not so gleeful about going back!


Sandra Morris said...

Make the most of the lull...before you know it the summer hols will be upon you.

tattyhousehastings said...

I know...and really I can't wait as it'll be Jem's first year at actual school in September and my babies will be all gone!