Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Scary Big Badgers Bashing Big Bold Bits out of the lawn

I ventured in the the back garden, otherwise known as local wildlife resort today and counted sixteen holes. Sixteen all over the lawn. Definitely badger doing, as not mole shaped.

Jesus, we need to get out there with a spade...or wee or something.

Any ideas?

n.b. would not mind them, if they appeared cute and lovely so we could see them - but they sneak up at nighttime and DIG. They don't even eat the slugs - goodness knows what they eat. Worms?

n.n.b. we did see one once, strolling down Harold Road on the way to the pub. Cheeky things.

CBBC Newsround ANIMALS Scary badger holds family hostage


Sandra Morris said...

I'm not very well up on badgers....however if you ever have a hedgehog infestation I'm your woman (as a former member of the Hedgehog Preservation Society that is)

Don't badgers only dig holes to bury their poo? Sixteen holes does seem excessive though..are you absolutely sure they're badger holes?
I'm up for some diverting badger displacement activity so if I find anything useful I'll let you know.

Why Me? said...

May I refer you to Hastings Badger protection society? It will give you help and maybe some ideas.

Though do remember that interfeering with a badger or its sett is illegal.

I think the website is or you could just google it if that doesn't work.

depesando said...

I have noticed far more than last year - we walked around Horold rd and up Clive vale last wee at about 8pm and we saw about 20 altogether - they drove the dogs wild, Little Mouse in particular becomes like a deamon when she smells them - and they are rife up at the top by me - personally I really like them, they look like giant stuffed cushions with claws, scuttling around the street at night.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks all, and Sandra I'll especially look out for a hedgehog infestation - apparantly they love to eat slugs.
Why me - Actually I wasn't planning to wee on the actual badgers or bash them on the heads. Both options a little scary and mean for me.
And finally - I agree Richard, they are nice, when they are on Harold Road that is. Eight pm must be their strolling time then...the digging comes later on.

Why Me? said...

I didn't assume that you would actually be attempting to wee on them!

I was just, in a friendly way, trying to warn you in case you didn't know that you might inadvertantly run into trouble with certain ways of detering the Badgers.