Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Badgers, the global economy and what to do with Hastings

I've had at least three interesting ideas to blog about, and had even written a few bits in my head. Then along came Life, and I've just been too busy to do a thing. Not even exactly sure what I've been running about doing but some of it is washing, and changing endless sheets - the student time is upon us again.

The rest of the time has been taken up with children, sitting staring in to space for the odd five minutes, and the usual household stuff. Also randomly accidentally took about two hours to do food shopping yesterday. Bit embarrassing really, as though it would take 30 mins max, and then was really really late taking J to nursery. With no real reason other than poor shopping judgements.

Mum's also in hospital, so although I haven't been up to see her this week, I've been bit preoccupied with that. Holidays next week though so good time for visiting, with or without the children, and for having a breather I hope.

Off to parents evening in a minute, then to pick up new students, feed them - possibly, then go to bed I think. Least these ones are half board so won't be making four packed lunches at seven blooming a.m.


Sandra Morris said...

Students *shudder*

We used to have them too in a misjudged attempt to keep the wolf from the door. Most were fine but some were just appalling or plain nasty.
Even small dog, who is incredibly friendly and sociable, took to hiding away from them so we eventually called time.
I especially remember the packed lunch assembly line. You realise they never ever eat the damned things. They throw them away before they get to the bus stop and have McDonalds at lunchtime instead.
We would have 4 at a time for up to 4 days.


Sandra Morris said... tell about the badgers

tattyhousehastings said...

The wolf keeps bashing our blooming door! Nearly all of ours have been really lovely though - bar Atilla the Hun (really) and some strange Dutch girl who stole a charger from another student. This lot are very giggly though..
oh, and I have to say one of my favouritest students once said; Thank you so much for my sandwich, it was delicious'. That was in the early days though.
We had four at a time last summer - too much! Three a time at the moment though...arrgh.