Monday, 27 April 2009

Pride comes before a fall...or why you should never like anything ever

We, or rather Jem, but we're all culpable have lost her marvellous new tap shoes. You know the ones with white spots. Last seen over Easter whilst she was was wearing her amazing authentic Spanish dress with them. Dress has found its way in the wardrobe and is hanging up but shoes nowhere to be seen.

It wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't so embarrassing. Other people, I swear do not lose things in their own houses. Reminds me of the time we lost Ol's lunchbox for a week. His teacher seriously looked at me like I was the housewifely slattern that I am when I confessed we'd lost it, then later when I told her we'd found it under an armchair gave me a worse look.

Is it just me? And where else can I look? Have tried cupboards, under things, in bags, on floor, in boxes...


Sandra Morris said...

I am the world's worst at 'losing' stuff so you have my sympathies.

Are you absolutely sure they're in the house?

If so it's a good excuse for a tidy up... leastways that's what I mutter under my breath when I'm searching for something for the umpteenth time.

Organise a search party, timed and with a prize for incentive.

Also try looking in the MOST unlikely places too......sometimes works for me.

Good luck!

twiggypeasticks said...

Thanks for calling by my blog.It's not just you, I turned my house upside down on and off for 6 months looking for my old works mobile. Cleaned the door bins out in the car and guess what I found under a pile of tickets, sweetie wrappers etc :)
Twiggy x

tattyhousehastings said...

Right, search party fantastic idea! Will do so tomorrow. And no, not sure of anything - not in the car though as that is so tiny nothing else could squeeze in.
Luckily it was a 'modern' dance today at ballet.