Friday, 10 April 2009

Down in the Woods

You might find us this Easter. We went to visit an education centre, and wildlife rehab place. took a fantastic course on woodcraft and making fires. Absolutely lovely woods too, with little white flowers and um, wooden trees and some little cool bits, like a cat made from moss.

I now feel quite inspired to get out and make things; planning a kind of structure at the top of the garden; although need a bit more thought as would love to use found wood rather than squared off wood. Obviously it will be rubbish and probably fall on our heads after the summer, but as long as its not too heavy that will be OK. And it will be fantastic to have a proper wooden floor.

We did make some picture frames out of sticks, some charcoal, a pointy stick involving whittling and the best thing. Real fire using twigs, sticks and an actual Swiss spark stick. Which is an amazing piece of metal - well two pieces that you rub together and it actually makes fire. I made fire like a cave lady! Although hopefully with better hair, as have invested in some new amazing flatten your hair serum.

Any other exciting Easter stories?

Oh and almost forgot to say - we caught the end of the Good Friday procession today in the Old Town. All I'll say is that Jesus really was kicked when he was down by the Romans. Very convincing - dashed off before he was actually nailed to a cross on the hill.


Fox said...

Hey Tatty House!
This has absoloutly no relevance to the Easter Blog - other than I was trying to call to wish you all a Happy Easter! I appear to have non-existance numbers for you... which to be fair could be a subtle hint on your part! Anyway can you text me one that works so we can have a catch up? This is an awesome blog by the way - makes me chuckle lots! Any sign of the helicopter yet?

Love Becca xx

tattyhousehastings said...

Our numbers are the same! but will text them to you later.
Have looked for helicopter on travels actually but no luck so far..Think it is out of action in some big pile of hedge or worse somewhere.
Hope you are both having a good Easter.
And Fox??

Fox said...

Don't ask! Fox came from a bizarre philosophy blog I had to do for my masters as a guy called Fox, arguing his view point - didn't relise it would stick to my log in like glue! It's my rubbish phone which edits/loses numbers as it feels fit!

Speak to you soon,

Becca xx