Saturday, 18 April 2009

I'm so on the bandwagon for Britain's Got Talent

We didn't watch it last season, despite being shush, don't tell anyone, a secret X factor fans...and well, not so secret Eurovision viewers. I caught the media bits about the amazing Susan - who made Demi Moore cry and last night spotted the show on ITV2.

It's absolutely great! Tears, laughter, heartwarming bits about people who work in sausage factories etc. OK - yes, admittedly you do need to suspend a little intelligence when watching Amanda Holden and her strange not to giant boobs that apparently have mind of their own and can pop out anytime. Oh, and of course they over-hype the terrible backgrounds of some people. And of course the dancer who has put on about 20 stone and got her boobs out was extremely scary. Mostly as the Union Jacks covering her boobs were in danger of swinging up and bashing her in the chin.

But I'm watching tonight and so far will be rooting for Flawless, a group of amazing 'street' dancers from North London - fab costumes too.

Only slight concern about this kind of family telly is whilst showing children clips of Flawless this morning, Jem got very keen on Simon Cowell and now wants to marry him. Definitely not the sort of man I want her to marry. Note to self, find sort of man, and make her watch him endlessly as a sort of positive reinforcement. But who would be the right celeb man to marry?

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