Thursday, 2 April 2009

I think the badgers are making nuzzle holes whilst looking for cock beetles or something...

Oh, yes, I've actually done some research. It's definitely badgers, and they definitely go for a stroll early evening before getting down to some serious work, in our garden.

But the best thing about my research was the books; or rather the Badger Bibliography. Check this out for information on Mr B and his friends. Badgers in our village and Bully and the Badger my faves so far.

Discovering Badgers
Discovering Nature
Badgers in our Village
The Country Life Guide of Artificial Setts
Country Life Booklet 7 London Rd. Tetbury. GL8 8JQ
Badgers on the Highland Edge
Badgers at my window
No badgers in my wood
Badger & Bovine Tuberculosis report
Badger Valley
The Darkness is light enough
A lifetime of Badgers
Problems with Badgers
Life with Bluebell
The Social Badgers.
Mr. Badger. Study of Badgers
Bully and the Badger
The fate of the Badger
The Badger
Pb. New Naturalist
Badgers in the Woodlands
Nature in close up
The Natural History of Badgers
Through the Badger Gate
Eileen Soper's Book of Badgers
When Badgers wake

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