Saturday, 18 April 2009

Charity Shop Haul

Just back from a successful charity shop marathon rummage in Bexhill. I adore shopping in charity shops; re-use, re-cycle and most importantly to get some bits we would not usually have the budget for*.

We bought a music stand for £4.00, according to another couple in the shop, it was almost identical to one they'd bought in an antique shop yesterday for £11.00 in Lewes. So bargain priced. Also very helpful couple showed us how to put it up. This may or may not be a present for a friend - am suspecting may not.

Jem got a toy dog kennel for 30p, and a pencil sharper in the shape of a dog (of course) for 50p. She's very pleased with her kennel as it has a carry handle and is perfect for the various Crookshanks she looks after.

Ol wanted total tat so managed to persuade him away from McDonalds toys, and on to a 'normal' shop buy of a excavate your own dinosaur for £1.50.

And I spent the most money by getting a plain ish new t-shirt (Next quite high necked so hopefully designed to make boobs look bigger), a pair of jeans (can't work out where from), and the bestest thing. Which, admittedly I need to do an extra week of the idiot proof diet before it will actually be wearable. But that is ok as it will be in the wash. A long denim dress, very very similar to this one -

We're all delighted with our purchases - love bargains...and love shopping, even it it has to be on the cheap these days.

*and to be honest, don't actually need but just fancy.


smilernpb said...

Sounds good. I really should trawl through charity shops, we have enough of them in our town.

You've been to Bexhill? How lovely! Glad to hear it's still full of old people.

My Mum works in a shop along Western Road two days a week so you might bump into her.

tattyhousehastings said...

You should! Pick the smartest area of town for the best shopping though, Bexhill charity shops heaps better than Hastings (which are more Tesco clothes than even high street if you see what I mean).
And I'll give your mum a wave next time I'm in Bexhil for you.