Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Toothless Grins

The day that I finally become an Older Person, who is a bit rough too, is dawning. And I'm really scared, of how I'll look, if I can bear to ever open my mouth again, and a little bit if it'll hurt and I'll upset the dentist again.

I'm having a tooth out for the first time ever - well except for my wisdom teeth, one of which I still have. And that was traumatic, apparently I had some amazing childbirth type drug that was supposed to make you happy and jolly, but also forget everything. Well it was luckily I did forget it all as I had such a bad reaction I wept for an hour, so hard they struggled to do dentistry and had to call my dad to pick me up. The other three were taken out in hospital and it was notable for me sitting up chatting merrily with other patients and visitors after my operation whist still high. It was only later when I checked a mirror I saw the horror film look of my face all smeared with blood.

But this tooth is different. It has had root canal several times, and it hurts. There is, apparently, nothing else for it, and it has to go. I probably would not mind it it was right at the back, but it is in the middle. Right where, a kind friend has reminded me Jackey, Jade's mum has a gap, and where Amy Winehouse has a gap. Meaning, what? I'm going to look like an aged druggie from an estate/north London.

Of course there is a plan on from the hole in my mouth. Apparently the dentist can't do a bridge until it has all settled down'. Again a phrase that scared me. And even then that is just fake teeth too isn't it?

Oh, woe is me, what will I do, it is all bad, bad, bad....


smilernpb said...

Oh poor you. However, it can't be THAT bad, surely? x

tattyhousehastings said...

It really is that bad. Evil, sick tooth must be gone. Very upsetting - except at least shutting my mouth won't hurt anymore.