Thursday, 30 April 2009

Time to get married

No, not me, but for the rest of the marrying kind this summer. So far we've got two weddings to go to - one in a couple of weeks, of a couple of old friends of M's from Wales, and my brother's in July. And as everyone knows, the thing about weddings is clothes.

I have nothing to wear! And a really limited budget, really limited. Can possibly wear my lovely green sandal wedges if I can find a green outfit. Although am not sure about wearing green - seems a bit peculiar and might make me look sickly. And where shall I go? With a few hundred pounds I'd dash up to Bluewater and wander about seeking inspiration but before I go down that route I'd like to try a little local skirt/top combo. (Have decided my body is too long for most dresses - and that is before photo shopping). And maybe something in my hair.

Any ideas on shops/outfits people? I'm thinking possibly Debenhams in Eastbourne, and for hair thing Monsoon. Not sure I can go as far as a fastener without feeling like Total Freak. But up for flowery thingy.

And it is not just me! Also need to dress Ol and J - and shoes! They need to wear them too don't they! Although think possibly they might be cute in smart clothes and canvas shoes. Possibly.

Still, we're looking forward to them - first is in Aberyswyth, and is quite big; a church wedding; and reception and trimmings. Looking forward to some crazy family dancing.


smilernpb said...

We have a wedding to attend on September 19th, although this one has been in the plannin stages for nearly two and a half years, so I have no idea what to expect. I'm likely to be six weeks post-baby so goodness knows what I will fit in by that stage! I'm actually dreading it! :o)

Debenhams is good (not that I go clothes shopping for me much!)because they have all those little outlets, I found a lovely dress in there a few years ago which was only £20-25 and totally lovely, unfortunately I doubt this will fit me in time for this particular wedding.

Good luck with the green theme.

Oh what to buy as a gift, that is the question! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, just to let you know I've added your blog onto my blogroll on my site.
Take care
Love Melanie xxx

tattyhousehastings said...

That's the thing about weddings isn't it? You spend ages worrying about what to wear/buy then it ends up being totally great.
We're off to conteporary and traditional craft fair on Saturday so hoping inspiration strikes.
And thanks Mel..

Sandra Morris said...

Don't rule out charity shops. Admittedly the shops in Hastings might not yield any designer numbers but a jaunt to some outlying better-heeled towns might reveal some gems.

Try Bexhill, Rye or Eastbourne. Inland, Tenterden has some great charity shops and I've found some wonderful clothes there in the past. Not to mention accessories, which can be horrendously expensive on the 'high street'

Charity shops are also good for kid's outfits....often bought for special occasions, worn once then outgrown.

Good luck!

tattyhousehastings said...

Normally I love charity shopping, somehow was pondering whether it is acceptable for wedding wear. But vintage is in isn't it? So if I go vintage - y cool then it will be ok.
Off to Eastbourne next week then...

Why Me? said...

have you tried the Wardrobe at the bottom of the high street? often has some nice different things there and not to pricy.

tattyhousehastings said...

Ah, tried the Wardrobe - which is a 'once loved' dress agency this morning. But it was shut, so had a peek in to Lilac Rooms, another lovely lovely dress shop. Not cheap though - tempted by lovely Great Plains skirt and top (greens so have shoes) but hmm, must try frugally harder).