Friday, 3 April 2009

Lovely morning..

J and I have had a great morning; we walked in to town...browsed the shops on the way. There's a new children's bookshop opening on George Street, very exciting with some lovely staff! Also noticed another new shop where the lovely Jacko interiors used to be. Seems to sell lots of old junk painted white, probably for lots of money. Wasn't open so couldn't really check it out but sadly I know I'd like it as am very partial to shabby chic, somehow when someone else has done the distressing things look lots better and chic - er.

Then we wandered around Debenhams for ages, checked ourselves out in the mirrors, found lots of possible wedding outfits for Jem, but sadly not me then tried on hats. For a long time. I'm actually rather confused about the new ones that are like a headband with stuff on. I can't decide it I like them or not. What I do know is I have a giant head so probably won't be able to buy a hat from a normal shop. And I think a good hat, or headband thingy will make any outfit look glam. Or mad. I'll need shoes too - unless I can wear green that is, as have some yummy green sandals that would work. Goodness, have not been to a wedding since ours and have two to go to this summer so all a bit exciting/expensive.

Finally, ok, well after buying some other bits, and more looking around J and I tried out the new Costa. Great window seats, lovely coffee, but I'm afraid to report they only have full fat or semi skimmed milk. So will now be a no go for me, unless I can pester them to change. Lovely as it is there, I love the local independent coffee shops too, so will continue to support them (about twice a year when we go for coffee anyway).


smilernpb said...

I miss shopping in Hastings :o(

tattyhousehastings said...

Surely...the north is better for shopping. What have you got? Newcastle...think it is a city even so must be fab for shopping!