Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Day out in Town

We went up to London yesterday, on the train. Little Jem had forgotten all about trains and tubes so loved it! In fact said her best part of the day was the train.

We visited the National Gallery, not my favourite - but lovely M's best gallery. I tend to get bored from 1600 to 1800 then perk up a bit for the 1900's onwards. Seemed the children were the same; despite trying to make the religious pictures exciting/scary they just wanted to 'keep walking'.

Then off on a monster walk of my choice - down Pall Mall, up Constitution Hill, through Hyde Park and over to Kensington Gardens. We were heading over to the Diana Playground in the Gardens - which is supposed to be amazing but started flagging by her fountain and just could not walk any further. The memorial fountain is interesting, and had lots of people playing in it. A bit annoying as Not so Lovely but Quite Annoying M decided to change the flow of the water so it soaked Ol. He had to spend the rest of the day in his vest.

Then we hopped back on the tube over to see my mum in UCH, possibly the biggest hospital in the world. Finally got the tube back to Charing Cross (too tired to walk) on a Pizza Express hunt. Saw one but decided to walk to Covent Garden, loved seeing all the crowds, then walked back to original restaurant on the Strand.

We had a lovely tea, lovely colouring in session and a couple of illicit beers, then off to sneak on the train - as Not so Lovely M had lost his ticket (sure it is in his pocket). Children delightfully lively on the way home, or hideously annoying brattish depending on your perspective. Most men seemed to find them adorable - numerous toilet visits, singing lullabies, big hugs etc. Unfortunate Mrs Lady from Tunbridge Wells who'd made the mistake of sitting with us, seemed less delighted.

Absolutely worn out now but the loveliest thing is both M and I still feel like Londoners when in London. You can take the Girl/Boy out of the City but not the City out of the Girl/Boy or something. Must go more.


depesando said...

there is a Pizza Express directly opposite Charring X - its mostly underground in a giant basement and is very child friendly.

tattyhousehastings said...

Ah, that was the one we went to in the end - p'raps it wasn't on the Strand. Very nice though and remarkably busy given the recession. Mmm four cheese...they have changed the recipe for funghi to include garlic (not sure about that) and thought I'd branch out from other choice of spinach and egg.

smilernpb said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. I'm not too fond of big cities, I lived in London for three months when I was 18 and that was MORE than enough time for me to realise I hated it!!