Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Smiley Happy People (dancing) la la la la

How lovely! Just got a fab parcel in the post from a handmade swop by smilerpb.
She sent me a cool owl, some handmade lemon soap with satisfyingly large chunks of orange peel in, and a little notebook. Very sweet! The owl is already hanging on a door handle, soap is in the bathroom (Ol quite taken with it will have to watch he doesn't pick all bits out!), and notebook ready for action. Oh, and a Thorntons chocolate bar - hmm, not in picture sorry.

We got in at about for from school today after walking home with a very good at walking up the hill little boy. He's not two until the summer, and walked all the way home from school - up hill, and laughing! We were all sadly, very tired after our walk in the sun and shared the chocolate in an immensely greedy fashion. And it was yummy.

Then ate beans on toast for tea, with strawberry milkshake. Fantastic carbo-calorie city decadence, but amazingly easy and no complaints from any children at all. Then greek yoghurt and honey for pudding.

And in painful news of the night, I quickly put the copper tape around our vegetable patch - an old sink in the garden before all the tomato plants are slug eaten. But more haste less speed etc, I did a shoddy job, its all twisted at the back (saw a spider) and then managed to cut my finger really badly on it. Didn't warn of possible spider attacks and painful cuts on the packet.


Sandra Morris said...

I'm with you on the spider fear. Nasty multi-legged scuttling things.

And slugs.

Nasty, slimy, slithering plant-eating buggers.

Hope you enjoy the chocolate.....mmmmmmmm chocolate

Nora Johnson said...

So enjoyed reading yr post until the spider bit. Reminded me somehow of other dreadful, repulsive creatures I'd rather forget about...!

Best wishes


smilernpb said...

Glad you liked the parcel, oh goodness, what happened to the Thornton's bar?? lol

Spiders - yuk! x

tattyhousehastings said...

We loved the chocolate thanks!!
And sorry, Nora to remind you of yucky creepies. It is horrid when they, or the thought of them creep up on you out of nowhere..