Sunday, 29 March 2009

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it...

Lovely Bristol Kate has invited me to a festival, with her and lovely Jules. No husbands, as they are busy doing Other Things (two stag nights etc.). But we will be with children, and eco toilets, and um, pedal powered disco's, and knitting workshops, and making things!

Highly, highly excited - both to spend a weekend with two of my old Uni friends, children oh and a couple of lovely other families (some with husbands I believe). Kate, Jules and I used to live in a Hall of Residence together, in fact in a row of three rooms, and that was where we met. I was the only one with a telly, which has its own sad tale (I bought it in via an ad in the local paper from an alki, who was so drunk he could not even unplug it - nearly cried as only gave him £15 - enough for a couple of nights of cider). Anyway we used to have so much nerdy fun (see previous post about worrying son would be a nerd).

Every Saturday night we'd sit in and watch Casualty, then Don't Forget your Toothbrush (never forgetting to flash the lights) then sometimes we'd run down to the Union bar and buy some cider to go. Friday nights were proper cider nights though - we used to go to an absolutely marvelous cider house down on Union Street in Plymouth and drink the Traffic Lights of Cider. All we remember is that there were three different colours and in the weird empty room that was the cider house after approximately three sips we'd all be singing along to the jukebox. Then we'd walk home for hours.

Oh the days! So off we go to the lovely green eco-Wood festie Course I have no idea how to put up a tent without lovely M's help anymore, so will have to enlist help, or at least a cider first. And I'll be in Charge of Children so will need to be more crafty than cidery. But hey! We can sing around the campfire (yes really) and make wooden things and listen to acoustic music. Plus we do all have wellies, and two out of three of us has Birkies so should be fine.

Any hardy festival tips welcome. (n.b. have been to Glastonbury a few times, and loved it but spent a significant amount of time thinking about washing my hair, then washing it, then marvelling at it being washed!)


Cassandra said...

Well I've never been to a festival. How bloody tragic is that! I don't like the idea of getting smelly, though I'm sure that the showers etc are fine. When we were engaged, Mister C went to Glasto as part of his year-long stag rituals. I wasn't allowed to come, natch, so I stayed at home and watched Groove Armada ON THE TELLY! So sad. I would definitely recommend taking James Brown's dry shampoo, then you can pretend to be Mossy. (Without the multiple piercings). And of course you'll have baby wipes with you anyway - they are brilliant. Have a lovely time!

tattyhousehastings said...

You must go to one! Even if its a day festival, they are so relaxing - though as I'm typing this, I'm still unsure how relaxing it will be with children in tow. Still singing around the campfire! Yay - and I can't even sing.