Saturday, 14 March 2009

Feeling a bit sick - new way of eating update.

Ok - first the good news; I have most certainly lost a stone. Even with monthly variations, and different times of the day to weight myself. So although I haven't exactly gone down a dress size, most of my clothes fit me better and I feel good, mostly.

However the bad news is the weight loss has kind of stopped, and I know why. I just cheating a bit; a beer here or there; a sneaky banana (I know shocking!), and sometimes I've been so starving I've eaten satsuma's. Pizza twice too, once just a couple of slices, but last night, um, well it was actually Pizza Hut. And it was so so lovely. I found a half price code on the fantastic moneysaving expert, so we had fizzy pop too, oh and garlic bread.

So today, we went to Sainsbury's first thing, and stocked back up on healthy foods. Even decided to 'break' diet a bit for some seeds, as am positive as a veggie they are actually essential. And all good so far today - about to have some more salad and tofu for tea.

Except I feel a bit sick, can only blame it on shocking takeaway last night, and not being used to dough, in fact, oiled dough, as that is how they make the bases at pizza hut. Probably wouldn't have been so bad if we had a pizza express down here (oh pizza express - how I loved you!).

So am officially re-starting diet again, no high carbs will pass my lips for at least another week (then I'll have another re-think). Oh and of course should exercise more - so will most certainly be going to the older people's Tai Chi again this week.

Wish me luck? Or um, not luck but determination and grit.


Sandra Morris said...

Well done you on losing so much weight on bonkers diet.

Hope you feel better soon x

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks Sandra - feeling much more full of joys of spring this morning!

Karin F. said...

hope this will give you a bit of encouragement because it takes guts to diet in public. Pls jog over to my blog, I've left a sisterhood award for you.
good luck!

smilernpb said...

I think you'll find that if you omit something from your diet for such a long time, and then eat it again (no matter what it is, or what diet you are on), you'll inevitably feel yuk afterwards. It's just one of those things.

Well done for losing so much weight, I bet you are very happy with youself, or perhaps not so, with it being as Sandra says 'a bonkers diet'! Oh I have all of this to look forward to in August, losing weight....yuk.

Take care and hope you feel better!