Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Nearly finished

I'm thinking it is genetic. We don't seem to be able to finish anything. Lovely M had a fairly traumatic time on Saturday replacing the kitchen floor (involving five hour trips to Ikea). We've just used cheapie laminate, until we can afford to upgrade to gorgeous tiles, whenever that will be. But still..it looks good, clean and fresh and I would take a photo to show you...except we haven't finished.

On Sunday we planned to buy/do skirting boards and bits to entrance, but after taking the children to a lovely party in the gym (and running up and down on the amazing running track that makes you feel like you've got springs in your legs), we walked home as all local roads shut due to Hastings half marathon.

Course walking home in the sunshine with another family was so nice, M tempted us all in to a Pimms in the garden. Which was much more fun than the floor. Still, floor needs doing.

Then in the living room, where we freshened it up with a coat of white paint, but just up to the picture rail, when we moved in two years ago. Would not be so bad, if picture rail itself didn't have artistic yellow effect on, or wall in bay window didn't have a sort of dirty peacock/grape design painted on the wall. In ochre, green and yellow so it looks like mould. Almost a feature now of the house.

Now I'm thinking I can't think of anything I've ever finished, ever. Surely that isn't the case?


smilernpb said...

Gosh, you're terribly brave fitting your own laminate. We had laminate put down in the front room/dining room and kitchen in November of last year, but there was no way hubby was taking responsibility for putting it down, so we had it fitted properly by someone. And what a godsend that was! Hubby's pal fitted theirs and made a right hash of it.

Thanks for the compliment on my owls!!

Sandra Morris said...

I wouldn't worry about it. We never completely finish anything either. Had our kitchen replaced two years ago and there are still some niggly naggly jobs which haven't been finished.
I think it adds character *ahem*

tattyhousehastings said...

Yes, Sandra character, and shabby chic class! Or something, and Smiler - M and I are on a tight budget - and keep having bad experienced with professionals anyway. I would say the first time M put laminate down was in our flat in London, and I flipped out as he'd done it length ways if you see what I mean! He's v. good now, anyway we hate laminate so it deserves a good punishment - just using it because...well, cheap and not carpet etc.