Sunday, 22 March 2009

It's actually quite fun in the sun there...

We spent the afternoon in Rye yesterday, felt slightly guilty that I had pronounced it 'boring and full of antique shops and old people' on Wednesday. Because actually it was lovely, fab little upstairs toy shop with some cool wooden things, and a lovely 'windmill' that J spent the rest of the day playing with, then planting. We had lovely ice-creams from a really nice shop, that weirdly gave the appearance of a dodgy kebab shop from the outside. Think it must be something to do with lack of space - not enough room for shops so they have to double up - kebabs and quaint tourist things.

We also went to two great retro shops' 'New to you' (on the bottom high street) and 'Glass etc' . 'New to you' has some wonderful things; an antique Sindy toilet, some trays, old fashioned kniting pattern. 'Glass etc' is full of cool objects - fab glasses, lights and jugs. Also will be handy in the future for door knobs and finger plates. M bought me a wicker edged tray - just what I've always wanted.

Then we went to the box show, at the Eastern Rooms art gallery; Absolutely great - M is still freaked out by the dolls eating jam. But the bestest ever thing, is one of my best friends is exhibiting there. We're enormously proud of you Ms I. And in particular love the dog box (as he looked out to sea, he knew he would never see his friend again), the tree box, and the sad cat poem box. You're a star!

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