Sunday, 8 March 2009

I had a dream, but a bad one

I had a really frustrating dream this weekend, involving a ballet dress and Prague. Basically me and Ms 3 years old were in Prague and had to travel about half a mile to our destination (I think it was the airport, but clearly could have also been a school). Anyway we had big wheelie suitcases, and J was wearing a ballet leotard and tutu. Then we simply had to stop at a local shop to buy chocolate.

We were in the shop browsing the sweeties selection, and I remember excitement at finding Czech sweets - then J announced she simply was bursting for the loo. The shop keeper weirdly turned out to be a Cockney, but unfortunately did not have a toilet. And she had a leotard on (v. tricky to take off). I woke up extremely panicked.

What does this mean?My desire for chocolate is interrupting my child's basic human right to wear a leotard and go to the toilet? Or is it all that worry about fancying doing a bit of work sometime soon? Can work every equate to chocolate?


Sandra Morris said...

Lucky for you I'm a diva at displacement activity....

Taking the salient points of your dream in chronological order.

1. Ballet - Infidelity with lover. Warning of troubles
2. Travel - Journey. Freedom. Change. Change in attitude.
3. Luggage - Taking something with you. Ready to leave behind the past.
4. Chocolate - Gratification. Indulgence. Pleasure. Fear to indulge in something.
5. Need to urinate - Release. Embarrassment at emotional release. Need to clear some feelings.

So there you have it in a nutshell.I'm sure you can join the metaphorical dots yourself.

Alternatively, bonkers diet could be stockpiling toxins in your brain leading to nocturnal ravings.

smilernpb said...

I think the latter is more than likely to be correct, Sandra.

I ahev odd dreams all the time, I am not a believer that they necessarily mean anything. Well I hope not as I dreamt I had given birth to an alien typre creature....?? The mind boggles.

Just give in and have some chocolate!

tattyhousehastings said...

Oh my God Sandra - I think you are so right! Although ballet is I think just because I bought J a new ballet outfit last week...but yes, amd wondering whether I should indulge myself in some work..or not.
Bloody hell! You are my new Guru.
But thanks to smiler for need to have chocolate. Shared the kids Smarties earlier and love love loved them!