Saturday, 28 March 2009

Glug Grog Glug Grog Good

Hmm, had a shocking cold yesterday, felt very bad by about four in the afternoon. So bad that the most productive activity that me and the children did was sharpening pencils. For an hour! Which might be a little excessive but in our defence there were many pencils, and we enjoyed it. Even managed to find our special wheely bin pencil sharpener, a council freebie when they introduced the controversial green and black wheely bins.

So - at bed time I decided to nip up to the Co-op to find medicine. I was looking for lemsip, but couldn't find the real stuff that was not flu strength thus a fiver. So I decided to go alternative remedy, bought a lemon, and some rum. Got talked in to buying El Capitan, by twinkly shop assistant and he was probably right. I also bought some medicinal chocolate (high in cocoa solids and with a dash of orange oils and spices).

When I was studying at the United Nations of Uni (or something) in Prague all the Finnish and Swedish students were obsessive about getting the grog out at the first sign of a sniffle. We also found that it was a common cafe drink in the Czech Republic and made a great warm you up whilst wandering about drink. Kind of a Ready Brek Glo that you just don't get from a cup of tea. And I'd almost forgotten all about the joys of Grog until they popped back in my mind yesterday - must have been for a Very Important Reason.

When I got home the grog was water, couple of slices of lemon, some golden sugar and the rum. Absolutely lovely - so lovely, we drank lots, watched a very enjoyable Disney film (a U!) and laughed lots. So although my cold hasn't gone I'm feeling loads better.

And ready to actually do cooking/buy food/clean house/do washing etc today - but a bit later on please...busy watching Swap Shop now.

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