Thursday, 19 March 2009

I know nothing, and worse still, know I know nothing...

Hmm, just realised I have something to share...I have opinions on gardens apparently, very strong opinions but actually I don't know what weeds look like.

My own front garden is..well um, a mess. Last year, regular readers may remember I sneaked in to the garden while all the decent people of the world were not looking and put down weedkiller. The plan was to have the central square (or diamond) I guess, as a gorgeously planted area with no weeds. Then the edges with grass, and a lovely little bench.

We've put a couple of bits in to the middle - our lovely olive tree (which looks half dead now), and something else I've forgotten what it is called. Then maybe I planted some bulbs. And some other things have grown. These other things don't have any flowers on yet, and are not grass, or dandelions, or sticky weeds, or nettles I know. But apart from that, who knows what they are...

But what if they are gorgeous lovely plants and I dig them up again, how bad will I feel.

Oh the trauma of being hideously opinionated when I actually know nothing at all is at hand.

n.b. Am actually also in process of fundraising for nursery garden, but fortunately not planning, that has been done by cleverer souls who know about the outside.


Sandra Morris said...

If it's any consolation, our front garden looks much, much worse than yours. It's 95% moss, weeds and dandelions, which are currently lying fallow but will burst from the earth with a vengeance in the next few weeks. There is a circular shrub bed in the centre, with a bunch of sickly looking, half-dead plants. Back garden is not much better, although we do have a maintenance-free terraced area which we've turned into a 'beach' with groynes, bits of old fishing net found on the beach etc.
I would love to have green fingers but lack the knowledge and confidence to do anything creative, so stick to planting pots for summer colour.
I am most definitely horticulturally challenged.

tattyhousehastings said...

Mine might also be 95% weeds, just that I don't know the difference.
Like the sound of your terraced area 'beach'. Lovely to have a nice place to sit.