Thursday, 26 March 2009

Haunted by the perfect dress

Just realised why I liked the gorgeous Levi's dress, two posts ago, despite photoshop stretching which is now very apparent (cheers Richard). It reminds me of a dress I saw sixteen years ago in California that has haunted me ever since. I was travelling around a bit with my then boyfriend who was properly 'doing America'. He'd met this really nice woman, a little older than us - maybe 23 at the most somewhere else and she invited us to stay. First in her amazing silver trailer to play Risk. (Think I fell asleep under table then got bitten by a spider. Under my arm. Very bumpy and painful. And yes, they do bite!)

Then we all went on a road trip to Elk, top of California where she was looking after this most amazing place a sort of hippie boutique B&B. We stayed in a loft barn room with views of the stars, and went in the hot tub on the mountain. (I remember she thought we were weird to wear swimming costumes), I even saw my first shooting star.

The very next day she came out wearing the most appropriate dress ever. It was floor length, denim I think, and had no sleeves. She looked amazing in a cool, just chucked this on way. And I have wanted one ever since. Sadly I have never been a sort of nearly six foot Californian blonde..who is vegetarian and just well, cool. So even if I found it I'd probably be disappointed. But you never know...I'm keeping looking. The perfect dress is out there somewhere.

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