Thursday, 26 March 2009

Falling Down - a five year old answer

Ol keeps falling over, really badly. Partly as he just doesn't seem to get it together to put his hands out, then falls on his head, but partly...well, don't know.

So today will hereby be known as Find the Answer as to Why Ol is So Clumsy Day.

And here are the steps we are taking.

1. Visit to the doctor's this morning for hearing test referral - he though v. unlikely to be the cause and suggested it was the wellie boots fault. Course I explained they were being worn today due to torrential rain and normally Ol is in sensible Clarks shoes. (Think possibly cultural misunderstanding here as Doctor not from UK and does not have children).Hence he probably thought ..well, I don't know but he sent us packing.
2. Visit to Clarks, or Jones - which is better anyway? To check shoes are not too small. Apparently a common cause of falling over.
3. Visit to opticians to check eyesight - only feasible if Ol remembers his alphabet in capitals. Not sure how feasible this is.
4. Genetic tests to see which parent is the clumsiest - I think I already know the answer to this , and it is not me. Unless I am drunk, which invariably I am not.
5. Finally making shapes with arms, then duplicating them. This was explained very quickly yesterday so will need more research but actually is just a diagnostic for how clumsy you are and is not the answer.
6. My preferred option - making him sit inside every lunchtime as a softie nerd who's mum won't let him run around. Whilst inside he can play music, draw pictures and learn his flippin' alphabet. But not do too many sums as don't want him being too science, or mathematically nerdy.

Any bets to which is the answer?

edit: Shoes are the right size, and optician says his eyes are good for now - although did also weirdly mention the wellie issue again. Do these people think I am obsessed with wellies whatever the weather - it was raining today!


H said...

do the opposite- get him out as much as possible- climbing trees , balancing, running- maybe gym lessons- this will help with balance and control and relatively safe as soft to fall over- springy running track here you come.

tattyhousehastings said...

I know course I'd never do 6). Children have hard enough time being vegetarians who are not ever ever allowed to watch Tom and Jerry, or Power Rangers, or well, anything else I take a dislike too.
Easter hols will see us camped out in the gym. Or tripping him up on the West Hill.

Sandra Morris said...


You don't let them watch Tom and Jerry???

Has the whole world gone mad?

Steerforth said...

When my son was five, we started to wonder why he could never manage to do simple things like put his shoes on the right way and remember simple instructions.

It was particularly hard when he started school, as he was clearly behind his peers.

Eventually we discovered that our son was dyslexic. In my ignorance, I thought that just meant that he'd be crap at reading, but it also meant problems with short-term memory, co-ordination and moods.

I'm not saying your son's dyslexic or dyspraxic, but he could be and if he is, it isn't the end of the world. My son is now nine and doing really well. His motor skills aren't great, but it's no longer an issue.

Also, children mature at different rates and whilst they can be very bright and articulate, their reflexes might be underdeveloped.

Make sure that this is investigated properly, but don't worry unnecessarily because children are all different.

Sorry for this rambling comment - I've been drinking with a friend.

tattyhousehastings said...

Sandra- I bloody hate Tom and Jerry, and in fact all cartoons. And I'm the boss of the children.
Steerforth - It doesn't sound like Ol is dyslexic, (n.b. lovely M is Head of Foundation Stage at a local school)...but dyspraxic certaintly needs some thought. Like you, really don't know enough so will do some research.
Oh and don't apologise for drinking - it is always good!

SeasideMoggy said...

I was a clumsy child, and am now a clumsy adult. I could "fall over a feather" my older relatives used to say - had regular concussion, bleeding scalp, 'duck-egg' lumps on my head...never broke any bones or needed stitches though!

I am - and always have been - quite unco-ordinated, so I'll never be a dancer or an artist! Although I'm certainly not dyslexic (I'm the opposite, I can't read mis-spelt words without it jarring my brain), so I guess it's my gross motor skills that I've never perfected.

Prolly doesn't help you with your son, I just wanted to comment that us clumsys can grow up OK and lead a normal life!