Friday, 6 March 2009

Happy Days are Here Again

Wonderful day in gorgeous Hastings today, we've remembered why we live here. Little J, as we reached the old town suddenly remembered we lived by the sea, and the fair of course.

We've been for a wander around town; to the wonderful health food shop Trinity; to the bookshop to buy another World Book Day Book, this time about hamsters; then for a picnic and play on the beach, then for a coffee in the bargain priced Dragon bar (£1 and a baby cinno); then finally to K's for a sit down before picking up Ol and getting the bus home. Yay!

And both children have been a delight, including at school, so whatever afflicted them earlier this week - ?stressed mother due to not blogging who knows, has now gone. And we are a tired, but happy family again.

I have to admit to dog desire though; just can't see how Seren, the cat would handle it. I really really want one though. Really really. Possibly it'll be like the time I got baby desire in my mid twenties and after ignoring it for a while it went away, well at least for a couple of years until I was really bored with my job (how shocking I know!)


Sandra Morris said...

You can borrow small dog if you like. Nothing keeps small children in check like a demonically-possessed terrier snapping at their heels.

tattyhousehastings said...

That would be bound to get them leaping up the hill, terror could be bad though on school run.