Thursday, 5 March 2009

They're bad and broken

Oh no, the children have had mini meltdowns this week, and have now officially been dubbed broken by one of my friends. Let's start with the smaller one; well she has decided she is Gate Keeper to the house, and does not want me to have friends over, let alone talk to them, or talk to her own friends. As a consequence of this horrible attitude she was really really rude to my friend, and her little friend. Then spent three hours weeping after they left as she said she loved them and just wanted to come back.

Seriously embarrassing, probably a bit like having a rabid dog on heat in the house.

Then the big one has gone Bad at school. So much so that everyone is shocked and concerned. His friends have told their mummies, who have told me, the teacher has called me in to discuss. And it is all about hitting other children. It's the first time he's done this really (apart from when he left the free for all nursery to the military academy nursery) so god knows what was going on. And to make it all worse, yesterday everytime one of the teachers told him off he just laughed. Playstation is now banned, possibly Wii this weekend but almost more importantly somehow we need to find out what it is all about.

And to top it all we're still having buggy wars. Basically the walk down to school is about 15 minutes, then about half an hour back. 3 year old J can walk it fine; but without the buggy she has tantrums that usually end up with me treading in dog poo or worse. And with it; well she is at school next year, and it is like climbing a Giant Mountain pushing a very heavy rock with it. What to do? The fairies took it away a couple of months ago, then they relented because of hour long tantrums from 3 - 4pm daily.

Anyone got any answers?


depesando said...

hey, get used to it - it will be much worse when they hit their teens - call this a dry run. Just assume they have developed an early punk / counterculture attitude and be proud of them.

Sandra Morris said...

I have to agree with Richard. They'll be much, much worse when they hit puberty.
At the moment they're practically angels.....

We're not helping, are we.....?

tattyhousehastings said...

Um, not so much help as further things to worry about.
I think the Buggy is going to the great Fairy in the sky who need it. Then there will be no more calling for the Buggy to help in moments of tantrum. Take away their fun..hang on, isn't that what you do with teenagers too?

Sandra Morris said...

No.......hanging on is what you do with your sanity by the skin of your teeth.

My daughter, who reaches the advanced old age of 27 tomorrow, was umbilically attached to her buggy too when she was little. She used to sit down on the floor/pavement/kerbside and wail......'Can't walk.......'
Tears and snot everywhere and people tutting and muttering to themselves about how callous I was.

Happy days.

Can I suggest the tried and tested parenting method of 'benign neglect' Worked for me......sort of.

smilernpb said...

I popped back on the off chance you'd changed your mind and yay! Hello again.

Hmm, sounds like you're in trouble. I don't know what to suggest about your elder one, besides talking to them, to see why they are behaving in such a way.

OOh, other one, sounds tricky too, I have the same problem, M (nearly 4) is ok walking for like, two mins and then we hear 'I don't like it, I don't want to, I want the car...' that kind of thing. Can you not grit your teeth and percivere (spelling?). You know what I mean?!

tattyhousehastings said...

The fairies are in for a present tomorrow, and Ol had been sworn in to being good for ever and ever. Also if good he gets to play the amazing Wii...
That callous thing Sandra - I get people looking at me like that all the time! Really did think it was just because other parents are kinder. You've given me hope!!