Thursday, 29 November 2007

10 Things I hate about you (the country)

1. Creatures, spiders, beetles, mice, worms, evil ladybirds, slugs, snails, ants, sort of badgers as they might have attacked friend C's cat, although they are quite exciting to have around as proper Wild Things.
2. Everyone drives everywhere, specially in hilly towns so you never get to bump in to people and chat.
3. The buses are really expensive, £2 for a single in to town, which is about a mile and a half. Pricier than a Paris am sure.
4. It's proper cold so you have to wear a Proper Coat and boots, no messing about with drapey shawls or denim jackets.
5. You can't buy hummus, olives and pitta with vine ripened tomatoes from the corner shop for a quick supper.
6. You can't buy MAC makeup within a 30 mile (at least) radius.
7. There is a lot of dog doodah in the marked footpaths and streets, and a lot of big and small dogs.
8. There are teenagers, some pregnant, some just drunk, some actually quite nice (not quite sure what Ken has done with them in London), p'raps they just can't be out for fear of losing mobiles and trainers to Muggers.
9. Sometimes nipping out for a drink means a long walk in the cold and rain.
10. It's a long way from anywhere, apart from more country.

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