Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Make do and use

We've come to a new plan with the house, rather than spending money in DIY shops that we haven't got, and planning projects we need to do (that will involve the spending of money in DIY shops) we are going to use everything we have. There are heaps of projects we need to do, but we can just do the ones we have the things for, or even make up projects that we have the stuff for.

This weekend we decided to do our lounge floor using the new philosophy...rather than hiring a sander, or buying a carpet or in fact decent wood flooring we decided to use what we had...anything would be better than the bare floor boards in different colours we had before!

We used old white emulsion as an undercoat, then a tin of white floor paint we'd bought ages ago over the top. In my mind now it looks quirky East London, (Hoxton rather than Leyton), with a lovely seaside feel. And it so has the wow factor, everyone who has entered says wow, some in an enthusiastic designer y way, others in a wow, you are a bit weird way...

Either way I love it!

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