Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bus Journey from Hell

Must remind self that have gone off buses for a reason, just got one home from town centre, bus was packed, I had two children, buggy, loads of shopping and two balloons on sticks. Gave up seat to pregnant lady, but after about ten minutes noticed she looked squashed, realised daughter was clutching lady's knee with dirty hands, and son was repeatedly bashing her in the face with his balloon. Buggy was also squashing her in to the corner, she did not look very happy. Did apologise for all of it, but she said she did not mind she was just glad of a seat. Good God, how nice are some people! I'd be weeping about my lot, or deciding my children would be perfectly behaved just because I'd tell them to be.

Then older ladies started to argue about how many bags they had, and who could move back further or something. Was quite entertaining so listened to them instead. Bus driver so jolly he laughed all way home about weight of his over crowded bus, and made cheery comments. Bet he listens to Steve Wright in the bloody afternoon too.

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