Sunday, 18 November 2007

My to do list

In the interests of being open, and sharing the excitement that is suburban housewifery I have decided to compose today's, well this week's to do list on line.

1. Freeze spicy pumpkin and lentil soup.
2. Go to Ol's parents evening tomorrow, remember not to discuss personal feelings about phonics, or make any hand gestures. Try to talk about friends - i.e. does he have any?Think of diplomatic way to ask if he annoys the teachers by talking too much, about Sonic hedgehog, or just generally, remember to let teacher talk first though.
3. Make some paper snowflakes to decorate windows with.
4. Clean up cat poo in front garden, and consider buying £4.99 fake cat with glassy eyes from betterware catalogue to scare away cats, ? will it work with badgers too?
5. Vacuum the floor, best do today as is sort of health and safety issue.
6. Make some wintery things with children, oranges with cloves in, and maybe that winter wreath (have left it so long it can be combination of autumn and Christmas.
7. Do some ironing, might be nice to achieve this in next two weeks, as getting bit silly. Even son complaining that he has only got fluffy jumpers in his drawers.
8. Do some dusting, various locations.
9. Tidy playroom and sort out children's toys.
10. Tiday attic room and sort out dust up there.

That's about it for the list, just had a real Anthea moment, she would say stop writing about it and get on with I shall, first with the various dusting. Do other people write to-do lists in order, or tackle them in order, hmm not sure, well I am v. good at prioritising, have read 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, though can't remember any of them. Oh, touch paper only once is a Very Important One.

Will report back later in week so see how I get on, tempted to delete ironing but that would be cheating...


Anonymous said...

The betterware cat scarer is ok.
Have got a couple of them myself.

tattyhousehastings said...

That's great news, thanks