Thursday, 29 November 2007

10 Things I love about you (the country)

1. People are really genuinely nice, even aforementioned teenagers.
2. The health food shops are very well stocked.
3. We can decorate the house for free with beautiful greenery and flowers brought in from the garden.
4. We have a nice big and safe garden, I don't worry about a crackhead person suffering from needing drugs/money leaping over the fence, then in to our garden whilst being pursued by a police helicopter. (It's happened to two different townies I know).
5. There are wild beasties such as badgers and foxes wandering about.
6. There are lovely walks where you can't hear any cars, or even better, see any sky scrapers (always disappointed in Victoria Park and Hampstead Heath for above reasons).
7. It takes ages to get anywhere so you have to make your own amusement, pudding parties anyone?
8. We can dress up really really warm and not get on the tube and think we will die of heat stroke.
9. We never have to get on the tube at rush hour again, particularly not whilst pregnant.
10. Fresh fruit and vegetables, although English, no giant peppers here, is local and just picked. Have to admit to missing amazing Turkish greengrocers, that may or may not have been a front for heroin running in to the country. You really could buy an aubergine all night in Haringey.


Swearing Mother said...

Ah, can see there's a bit of a love/hate relatioship going on here! On balance, I think the country has it, although I would miss Selfridges, and Waitrose, and the theatre.......

tattyhousehastings said...

Definitely love/hate - there are lovely deli's in the country that sort of are better than Waitrose, but theatre, hmm let's just say the local theatre has the panto on with has that girl from off of Eastenders who once had a top ten record..forgotten her name!