Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Good Lord, I know London is warmer but seriously...

It's so cold in the country, why did no one tell me? Two jumpers are not enough in the evening, and we have to permanently wear slippers. Slippers and cardigans! We're not even forty, it is really, like uncool. Trying to think of funky ways to stay warm, have couple of lovely blankets, but are we really supposed to sit on the sofa wrapped in a blanket? Is that what people do?

I'm reminded of 'Suth' the student house where I not only met husband but some amazing friends. First year I stayed there I had an upstairs bedroom which was freezing, both because of there being no central heating and also because the window used to blow open in the middle of the night. For a while I had my bed under the window, luckily I was usually drunk as quite often woke up wet and in gale from open window. It was a great window though, could get out of it, and sit on roof, and make rude comments on people below.

Found out the year later that there had been something like 12 chinese men killed in that room in massacre, apparantly an axe was used and the landlord got property cheap as he had to scrub the blood of the walls. Weirdly I wasn't scared of the room, or the house, unlike my friend L's house. L managed to convince all the girls once that Mr Tickle was lurking outside the lounge window scratching on it. They also had a slug problem in their kitchen, and had someone murdered with a paving slab outside their house.

These are the reasons I've picked to live in suburbia I think.

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