Monday, 12 November 2007

Pension Day

Went to the bank and the post office this morning, they seemed to have reversed functions. The bank was packed with over sixties who had sort of book things (perhaps older people not to be trusted with debit cards). The older people were enormously friendly, and entertaining both to the whole queue and to the cashiers. It was lovely, a sort of capitalist community centre, but with a queue, which I guess makes it more East European, although not massively 'cos my experience of East Europe is there isn't much random chatting in queues. There was lots of jollity about ooh, my extra two hundred for heating is there.

Think this is government policy to give out to all older people this winter. Have to admit was bit jealous, really fancy using £2oo worth of heating just for hell of it. Don't really like wearing slippers and jumpers in the house. Can't remember ever putting one on indoors in London. I asked a mummy at pre-school today how much colder it gets here, she laughed and said much, and that we have snow as we are up the hill. Warmer in town centre with no snow, ? cos seaside air has salt in it and that melts the snow? Not positive that is reason, but colder! What if we have to drink hot drinks to keep warm and buy these blanket things I saw in a catalogue which you put over you to watch tv that have a special front pocket for glasses (sadly reading not wine), or a remote control. Oooh just had better idea, we can just take up drinking whisky or hot rum.

But back to the post office, weirdly it had totally swopped clientele and length of queue with the bank. Everyone in the post office was in their thirties or forties, bar the staff, who are very nice anyway. And everyone seemed to be posting things they had sold on e-bay. Seriously weird. Sometimes I think I am living a total parallel life to all other thirty something's with children. There was another me with a baby in there, although she was braver than I am with the posting of stuff, and managed Finland! I just tell ebay potential purchasers that I don't do abroad. Seems terribly xenophobic now thinking about it, and also rather lazy, why don't I? Could just make up postage costs as woman in post office admitted to doing. Luckily she erred on her side today.

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