Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Christmas Decorations

How soon is too soon? I think the local enthusiastic opinion is to go for it in a subtle way as soon as the town lights are on, last Thursday here.

I've got my autumnal wreaths up at the moment, but am quite aware that even with the addition on an apple they may appear to be Christmassy. They're going a bit floppy anyway, I thought that the leaves would just fade to golden colours and look beautiful, 'fraid that was my usual over-optimistic thinking. They will be fit for nothing better than a bird's nest by the end of this month.

Still have some lovely flowers both from the garden, and some from friends that are looking quite nice indoors. Think garden ones might bring insects with them though. Wood definitely bring in the Outside. There was even a snail in the car at the weekend.

Can't see the sea today, too much fog or mist of rain clouds. Glad we don't live in the West, it must rain more there.

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