Thursday, 15 November 2007

Shoes - is it an addiction?

Spent all night dreaming about shoes, and worrying I don't know what's even in the shops at the moment. Got a wondeful shoe fix this morning from the net, decided to just look up all my favourite shops and browse on line. There are some wonderful low heeled T-bar shoes, sort of forties styles in great colours chocolate brown, turquoise, moss etc. There are also the cutest little canvas pumps, although I think I'm too old for these, and probably too much cankle shows.

I'm not sure what the frugal answer to wanting to shoe shop is, second hand shops, and e bay won't do it, I need the latest lovely shoes. Well, the trouble is I probably don't need them, unless I start doing something more exciting that trolling playgroups and the streets with the children. I really want them. Possibly the frugal answer is to sell things of equal value then I can buy them. That way I guess I'd get rid of more junk, and only have a teensy pair of shoes in the way. But should I be buying them or paying off my credit card? I think I know the answer so in the meantime should scout around for bits and bobs to e-bay and at least make a bit of cash.

Last time I went shoe shopping I bought two pairs of shoes at once, that felt like an amazing extravagence as they were similar but they were, and are fantastic and I wear both occasionally so shoes really are an investment. Particularly now all my pre-children shoes don't fit me, I've gone up to massive size eight, so don't have much shoe choice in my wardrobe.

Of course I'd be fascinated to know what is a normal amount of shoes for a woman to have, husband thinksI have loads, but of course he is wrong.

Ok for purposes of sharing, I have;

One pair of winter boots, O'Neills sort of Ugg types that I love

One pair of brown mid heeled ankle boots, handy for smartening up trousers

One pair of Converse ankle pumps, everyday wear when its warmer

One pair of white Birkenstocks, again essential - more so since friend C found out you can wash them in machine - no washing powder though.

One pair of Havianas - again summer essentials

One pair of flat moss green pumps - handy for smart ish events

One pair of jewelled flip flops - not much use, flop off feet

One pair of encased toe green wedges - good for work etc

One pair of green sandle wedges - lovely in the summer with denim

One pair of flowery Boden wellies - great for the country, these don't count as shoes either as were a present

One pair of proper ish trainers, well used, and occasionally used at the moment.

That's not much at all is it - and its obvious what I'm missing at the moment - party shoes! Must sell some things and buy some.

Will canvas friends and see if I'm in the normal amount of shoe variety, or deprived. Think am deprived actually. But is that the addiction talking?

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