Sunday, 18 November 2007


Been thinking about birthday today, am thirty five on Wednesday, discovered last night by browsing amazon there is a new condition in America that I probably have, either it starts at thirty or thirty five depending on which book you buy. It's called peri-menopausal and as far as I can work out simply from skim reading the comments basically you get it (but only in America?) before you are menopausal. I think is makes you grumpy, have PMT in a bad way, and be forgetful.

I must have it, as can be very grumpy. Got grumpy yesterday with cat for sitting on warm bit of blanket and making me feel bad if I stole it from her, and have got sort of low level grumpiness with self and husband for still not painting over crazy peacock/grapes design thing over living room bay window. Oh, and also grumpy as car not been cleaned, not sure who I expect to clean it but would like magic cleaning men like in London. We used to go to a drive through valet and clean place in clapton, it was wonderful, loads of men - about ten I think used to polish, clean, vacuum and clean outside of car. Afterwards it had no mould in, or little spiders and smelt nice. There was also a sort of comforting mafioso air about it, as the working men dashed about cleaning cars, and the Big Man checked them all and was the only one in charge of the money.

Also grumpy as husband has lost my birthday present in the post, yes that may seem unfair but it is actually his fault. He bought something on e-bay, but got it sent to London. The nice people in London forwarded it to Hastings, but unfortunately to our old temp address we only used for a month. Somewhere on the A21 it disappeared, possibly cos nice Londoners did not put any additional postage on it, still bit grumpy about it.

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