Friday, 9 November 2007

Freezing Friday

For some reason my bedroom is icy cold, even spent time last night feeling the windows for gaps, could not find any. Few years ago I would have been convinced that we had a ghost, I've heard so many times that spooks make the temperature lower. However, although I still have a little worry spirits exist even if they did ours is such a friendly warm house I'm positive they don't live here - or at least no bad things live here.

Feeling really stressed today as have two big things on, one involving a trip to Eastbourne, which although local - ish still feels a long way away as trafic always a bit of a nightmare. It also involves me leaving baby Jem with a friend, which is quite new to us. Totally trust my friend but still worried that Jem might have total meltdown as she used to when little. One time we left her for no more than ten minutes with her grandfather. She was just crawling, and just wept and crawled around every room in our flat to look for us. Finally she accepted we weren't there, and grandfather was in charge. Apparantly then she just sat sobbing on his lap.

Very traumatic for both of us, course why I have to remind myself of that today is annoying. She's over two, and it will just be for the morning. Trouble is Jem spent one night away from me when she was born in NICU and has made up for it ever since by being velcro'd to be side (the velcro easily comes off when she wants to play!).

Anyway this afternoon should be loads more fun - we're going to a bouncy castle that makes music, not totally sure what to expect but kids exited about the thought.

Did not get around to making a garden wreath yesterday, watched a film instead with children, drank some lemonade, ate revels and pizza. It was really lovely to totally relax with them, usually too busy trying to get everyone to use cutlery and make a sort -of healthy meal which we eat around the table. Sometimes being 'proper family' and trying to bring them up well is too hard and frankly not a lot of fun.

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