Monday, 26 November 2007

Important Things I have Learnt (this weekend)

1. Even meat eaters largely think pork hot dogs are gross, they have opinions on meat too.
2. No matter what you say, largely meat eaters, think gelatine is fine.
3. My look-e-likie is Lisa Tarbuck, apparantly, and apparantly I am also funny like her.
4. People should not tell me any stories about their sick animals with badger bites, and how they subsequently smelt without expecting me not to be retching before they have got to the point.
5. Foxes make bad smells.
6. I have fat cheeks, hence would find it difficult to find a diving mask that did not let in water - luckily can't really swim so should be ok.
7. Orange peel can't just be left on the side for a couple of weeks, then be expected to be a fire lighter, the mould is a bit off putting. There must be Another Way.
8. Move over open fires, chestnuts can be roasted on top of woodburners, and even afore mentioned meat eaters who usually eschew nuts like them.
8. Everyone loves a bit of Stilton at midnight.
9. Not everyone loves dancing on dance mats in front of other people.
10. I must try to not tell everyone how obsessive I am about coffee then they will never make it for me.
11. I think it would be ok to keep a jar of instant coffee in the house, as some people like it.
12. I am probably a make and do person.
13. I am a fan of Cath Kidston.
14. Children do get tired, and can go to bed a bit early, or late without Dire Consequences.
15. I like drinking champagne and vodka with orangina.
16. Eating cheese stops me from having a hangover.
17. Take water and snacks on long walks as we all get tired and thirsty, and there are no corner shops in Fields and Woods.
18. I love my new Ugg style sort of O'Neills boots, as mentioned in earlier blog.
19. It's cold in November
20. Everyone loves the seaside.

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