Friday, 23 November 2007

Dressing Routines

It's a normal cold but bit sunny day here at the top of the hill, and I thought I would stay in this afternoon and do housework, as usual for a Friday. Have spied some Cheerio's under the sofa, and am sure have not have any for weeks. Also got friends and new baby coming to stay this weekend, so think best to make house marginally clean.

Ran out of clean pants for son today, (he had to wear swimming ones, again, oops). which reminded me of his obsessive dressing in the morning. Left to his own devices he takes about an hour to get dressed, and seems to enjoy it. Think my procrastination has rubbed off on him, The best bit of it is the check, check, check, part. His routine is as follows;

Get to his bedroom, look at something, toy, book, even chairs - comes to tell me about object, e.g.'mummy my chair is great for reaching tall things'.

Take off all his clothes, bar his vest

Go to use the bathroom

Come and tell me he has used bathroom

Encouraged, slightly impatiently by me, to return to his room and get dressed

Returns to bedroom, perfects chucking pyjamas on to the top bunkbed, this can take time, and involves climbing up to bed for another go if not in perfect position, not sure what that is but seems to involve being too far to reach without climbing up

Slightly more impatient urging by me to get dressed

Chooses some pants, some socks, and (on non school days) a top that matches his pants and socks, then trousers which match all of the above. This can take some time, depending how many clothes are actually clean and in his wardrobe

Puts all clothes on chair

Counts them down on to pile on floor, saying pants, check, socks, check, t-shirt, check, jeans, check

Then remembers would quite like a belt so still in vest comes to find me to find belt

I say he does not need one impatiently by now, or I'll get one later

Gets dressed, in specific order which Can Not be Altered, although does change from day to day.

Comes to find me to have outfit admired.

Any ideas for future careers anyone??

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