Monday, 12 November 2007

Three, sorry actually Four Reasons Son's Nursery May Have Concerns

1. Earlier in the term, realised before breakfast we were out of milk and bread, so decided on quick dash to shops. Of course we didn't get dressed, just put our coats on over pyjamas. And of course the children didn't want to come so bribed them by saying they could buy sweets - but not eat them until after lunch - . Got to shop, bought milk, bread and sweets, daughter chose a sweetie necklace which she put on.
Bumped directly in to Nursery school teacher, who said goodness you're all up early, and looked at daughter eating sweetie necklace for breakfast. Not only do we shop in our pyjamas, at least one of us eats sweets for breakfast.

2. A few weeks ago daughter and I got caught in massive downpour on way to Nursery. I had pack a mac on and was dry. Had forgotten buggy cover and daughter's coat got drenched through. She was crying and even her nappy had got wet. Nursery felt so sorry for her they lent her clothes. But I was ok.

3. At parents evening the teacher was in the middle of explaining how son has difficulties in stopping talking and let others talk. Whilst she was talking I half put my hand up, palm facing her, and interrupted her by saying don't you ever do this? Shocked face, she said no, talk to the hand is a bit rude. I was no no no, I meant put their hands up. Too late though as had already interrupted her.

4. Last week went to pick up son in new coat. One of the teachers admired it, and I admitted it was new. She then looked at daughter who was just wearing a thin jumper and asked her if she was a bit cold. The shame. I explained we had at least come in the car, but why did I put my coat on and not hers? Bad me.

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