Thursday, 1 November 2007

cold cold winter days

Wanted to have a duvet day today, but son wanted to go to nursery - he has far more energy than me. Good for him though as he will have more fun than lounging about on the sofa!

Bit tough this time of year, or just generally at the moment for me to get motivated. So much we could be doing. Still I think its probably true that your body tells you to slow down when it needs to. What I really need is a long lazy weekend in bed, course what I'll get is a weekend of housework, running round after kids, and attempting some DIY stuff.

Real fire turning in to bit too much of a mission too, means going wood hunting at the weekend, and partner chopping lots of wood. Also apparantly means we need a bigger axe, which just scares me because if we had an accident with it, it would be so much more serious. Probably just bit over paranoia but keep hearing absolutely terrible stories about people nearly cutting their arms off with chainsaws and having to hold their arms on, and walking for miles, and losing lots of blood. Think they must all live in the country so maybe these things don't happen in town.

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