Thursday, 8 November 2007

Sunny Day

Lovely sunny day today, just realised yesterday that there's a lovely view of the sea on the walk to nursery, will have to take a photo of it. Helps to lift spirits everyday to see the sea, even though we're right up the top of a massive hill and I know the penalty of walking down to the beach is tears as the little ones struggle to climb the mountain home. Apparantly locals say you get used to it, perhaps we will be all like an urban variety of Hedi and her goats by the end of the year.

Popped in to see friend around the corner, who (also) has damp. She's going to DIY tackle it this weekend, fantastic if they can do it as itll save an absolute fortune. I'm still a little mystified by damp really, how come it sometimes dries out? And why do some people say you can sort it ourself by injecting walls etc, and others that is takes specialists who you pay thousands for? Basically think this is like my Chemistry GCSE conundrum that I never got passed, why do we say water boils at 100% when it NEVER HAS.

Had really weird dream last night involving Colin and Justin, decorating guru's from the telly - it either means I've been watching too much telly, or that I fancy them. Can't believe the latter although they are very nice people so think its time to turn off the telly. In fact I always imagined we would be more of a hippy family who played board games and piano and did not have a telly. Instead the children can sing adverts to us, and I kind of adore my sky plus.

Jobs for today, unfun ones are cleaning the bathroom, [hoovering, and tidying in advance of this afternoon when we've got a new language school coming over to see us. We hosted students a couple of times in the summer, largely it went well, although the last one was not a success at all.

Then I thought I might get some creative inspiration and try and make a seasonal wreath - with found objects. Apparantly you can whip one up with an old coat hanger, some ivy and adornments. Not sure about the adornments or how to fix without florist wire (where does that come from? do you beg florists for it?), anyway have not got any.

Will take a photo and publish if successful...

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